9 Must-have Items for Your New Car

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

This is a very handy tool for people who do not know much about cars. Digital tire pressure gauges are also great for helping you find out if you have a leak or bulge that could later cause further problems.

Headlight Restoration Kit

if you regularly drive at nighttime or in foggy and low visibility conditions then you should invest in a headlight restoration kit. These kits help you clean up your headlights to ensure high visibility and help you avoid accidents. They’re cheap from Repco and Supercheap Auto and are simple to use.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must have for any driver. You never know when you yourself might need it, or when you may come across an accident. It is important to always be prepared in this essential item could be the difference between life or death. We recommend getting a premade kit that contains a CPR shield.


Having a good GPS is important if you are traveling to areas where you do not know the roads well. It is also great to have on road trips to ensure that you are avoiding traffic and taking the fastest route available. If you have a voice activated GPS it is vital that you get one that understands your Australian accent. Some GPSs are really not good with accents and you want to ensure that you do not end up getting lost.


A Car Rubbish Bin

This one is vital if you travel with small children or eat or drink in your car. There is nothing worse than going to clean your car and finding an apple core from four months ago under the seat. Having a rubbish bin made specifically for cars ensures that all rubbish can go in the bin and be emptied on a regular basis trapping smells and keeping your car clean and tidy.


If your car has leather or a black interior there is nothing more vital than a sunshade. Placing up the sunshade when you park your car ensures that when you get back in it your car is not an oven. In areas with high temperatures, you should always use your sunshade, and store it away when not in use.

Scratch Remover

A scratch removing tool, or stick, is very handy. If you care about the exterior appearance of your vehicle you want to avoid visible scratches and marks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop everyone from banging into you or scratching up your vehicle. Using a scratch removing tool, or scratch remove a stick, can help keep your exterior looking fresh, clean and new.

A Bluetooth Transmitter

a Bluetooth transmitter is a great addition to your vehicle if you often take phone calls or enjoy listening to music while you drive. This allows you to answer the phone touch free, skip calls, play music off the radio, and avoid pesky tickets from police for using your phone while driving.

A Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

A must have items for those with children, surfboards, or a keen love of off roading. Portable car vacuum cleaners are small yet efficient items that help you maintain cleanliness and keep your car fresh. Many car vacuum cleaners are USB charging which ensures you can keep them charged easily. 


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